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Notion Template: Spaced Repetition Made Simple

Nazzareno Giannelli
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Spaced Repetition is a hot topic in the productivity space nowadays. Let's see how to build an easy, engaging, and more fun system that keeps track of our repetitions and informs us quickly on what's next, helping us with this knowledge retention technique. All of this inside Notion.

👉 This was my first approach to spaced repetition in Notion, so if you want more up to date and updated templates on this topic I would suggest you check out the Spaced Repetition Battleground page. This template is also included in the .


Why is this template not free anymore?

1) You can follow along with me in the video, learning by doing and create this template by yourself, or you can buy the premade one from here for a few bucks. I strongly believe that messing around with Notion is the best way to learn it.

2) Buying this template you will fund the development of even more awesome templates!

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Notion Template: Spaced Repetition Made Simple

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