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CoordiKnight | Blender to Unreal Engine

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CoordiKnight | Blender to Unreal Engine

Nazzareno Giannelli
14 ratings

Save time bringing your Blender scenes into Unreal with ease!

Copy location, rotation, and scale of the selected objects from Blender to the clipboard and easily paste them into Unreal Engine.

This Blender addon allows you to copy the location/rotation/scale of all selected meshes in the scene to the clipboard and simply paste them into Unreal Engine has placeholder static meshes. Combined with Epic Games Send to Unreal addon, it's a fast and efficient way to position many instances of the same mesh or even position many objects of any kind all at once.

A one-click solution for quickly placing a lot of instances in your levels!

Here you can see a practical example of how Tasaki Yota has been using the addon for quickly populating his real-time environment in Unreal Engine 5.


v1.2 - 26/11/2022

Now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.1!


Differently from what I show you in the walkthrough video, the current updated version directly supports the built-in clipboard functionality, so I removed the pyperclip module from the package and you don't need anymore to copy it into your system.
Just install the addon and you are good to go!

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